Taurus Love Horoscope Yesterday


(20 Apr - 20 May)

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Yesterday's Love Horoscope For Taurus
Yesterday: Tuesday - November 21, 2017

Daily Flirt

You and your people are scrapping over something you know is stupid -- but you still want to get your way on. Try not to turn it into World War III if possible, but if it goes there, throw the first nuke!

Daily Singles

When it comes to love, what's right and wrong isn't always clear. You may be the soul of grace and courtesy, but if a suitor is being a real jerk, you still need to let them know they crossed a line.

Daily Couples

You are going to show your partner something new today -- maybe a new side of your personality. Your creative energy is pulsing now, so rearrange your day to make life more interesting.


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