Aquarius Love Horoscope Yesterday


(20 Jan - 18 Feb)

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Yesterday's Love Horoscope For Aquarius
Yesterday: Monday - September 18, 2017

Daily Flirt

Relax for a while and let the future worry about itself. Your head just isn't in the right place to figure out everything that could happen, so wait for a few days before making plans.

Daily Singles

Gambling with your feelings can be risky, but if any sign in the zodiac can hit the jackpot by doing so, it's yours. Say 'yes' to invitations, even those that are last minute. They might provide the opportunity you need.

Daily Couples

You have an amazing and unique way of letting those romantic feelings be known -- so put 'em to use now. The stars say your sentiments will be returned in equally unusual and pleasing ways!


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